Born in France in 1979, Ales Perret decided to cross the borders of his country as soon as he graduated from university. He firts discovered photography in Argentina. For four years, the village of Purmamarca in the Andes Cordillera, welcomed him.
This is where photography has become his means of expression.

Then he continued to other countries where he discovered different energies: India and its contrasts, Jerusalem and God, the Pachamama mother of the Andes, the Saudade in Portugal, the hospitality of the Slav people, the joy of the Colombians and finally France that he rediscovers today through the lens of his camera.

Alex Perret’s photography is linked to his personal positions, his intimate life, his travels and his relationships with others.
In short, it is a work focused on life, the everyday, its singularities and its details.

“The photo is for me a means of expression that allows me to go to meet each other and all these years have awakened in me a love of people.
This love, nourished by poetry and hope, grows through encounters. Through my photos, I try to transcribe these significant and emotional moments, and to show that beyond our differences, we Men are all a bit the same. “

“Duality” exhibition at the Umcebo gallery