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“S.HE: Women of NY” by Nousha Salimi.

Exhibition until the 13th of October


The series S.HE: Women of NY by Iranian photographer Nousha Salimi aims to show a positive and realistic image of women in New York, a city she’s been calling home for the last 5 years.

In the time of uncertain economic and social context, which shakes the most basic rights, even in America, Nousha Salimi puts the glance of a woman, native from the country of the mullahs, and singled out by the “muslim ban”, on her New-York sisters.

With scenes from anti-Trump events to everyday life and portraits, whether posed or captured in the moment, S.HE witnesses the diversity of women in the city that never sleeps. The freedom, that is is the underlying theme is expressed in the smallest details: freedom to speak, to move, to study, or to dress as one wishes … banal situations, to which not all women have access to.

Initially started from a feminist commitment that Nousha Salimi has long claimed, the project has progressively focused on a deeper questioning of what a woman’s identity is, an interrogation contained in the title “S.HE” which plays the ambiguity of the feminine / masculine, with reference to the educational, social and cultural aspects that shapes a gender.

Rather than showing a visible activism, the Iranian photographer, discreetly calls for the strengthening of the women’s social, economic, political and legal role so they can live freely and being valued and respected equally.
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