This series is a tribute from photographer Eliane Sadron, to transmutation and nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
Exhibition from February 14 to March 30, 2018

By photographing the magical moment of the metamorphosis of an organic body, Eliane proves the fragility of our perception. With macroscopic views of what is considered ugly or insignificant, she takes a pancalist view of her subjects and places this doctrine, which sees beauty in everything, at the heart of her artistic process.

Inspired by the poet and writer Jean-Clarence Lambert who defines an IMAGINAL reign, where images are free with regard to the real, Eliane frees the visible, giving it a new attribution and thus places herself as creator of imagined and imaginative images .

Her work invites us into a universe orchestrated by the four elements: ethereal forms and fluffy contours, follow fascinating arrangements of drops of water, or textured surfaces that sometimes flows a translucent lava.

All these delicate matters, born from the light which crosses them, evoke another reality, almost an illusion, and incite to leave aside our confidence.

Without allowing us to absolutely recognize the subject originally photographed, the photographs of Eliane invite us, in a subtle way to question us on our own imagination.