Alex Perret
Opening on September 10, 2019
Exhibition from September 12 to October 4, 2019
Galerie Umcebo – 102 boulevard Diderot 75012 Paris

Duality = “coexistence of two elements of different nature”.
This is what photographer Alex Perret reveals through this series: a single image but two compositions, in other words, two images in one.

Using various framing, precise angles, subtle material and immaterial verticalities, Alex Perret plays with lights and subjects, mixing them on the same interior and exterior, sometimes giving rise to doubts about an optical illusion.

But after a careful examination of the photo, the angle of view that created this vision appears, and we can clearly see the combination of two different scenes on the same shot.
Alex Perret brings out the duality by showing two moments of life, two distinct scenes but which take place at the same place and at the same time.

Sometimes we have the impression of a theater image showing the scene and its backstage at the same time. Everyone will interpret each photo in his own way, but the characters are often found in two different spaces that mix without mixing.

Scenes that seem ordinary but where the snapshot brings two atmospheres together, the time of a photographic click.