First meeting with the children of Bercy school was organized in March 2018, with photographer Eliane Sadron, at the occasion of her exhibition at Gallery Umcebo “The Imaginal Reign“.

The main subject of Eliane Sadron’s photographs is the vegetable decomposition. She captures these moments of passage from a fruit with a smooth and firm skin, to a softened, withered, deformed structure.

This work was a real opportunity to change the perception of the Bercy school pupils on the compost of La Traversine, the pedagogical garden run by Designing Hope.

La Traversine has set itself the goal of being self-sufficient in biomass, in particular by recovering all the leaves from the trees of the yard, which until then were thrown in the garbage.

Eliane’s intervention consisted in presenting her photographic work to the children at first, and then inviting them to explore themselves a pile of decaying leaves extracted from the compost of La Traversine.

This work was accompanied by an explanation of the role of compost in the garden.

Then 15 children went to the Umcebo Gallery, to visit the exhibition, and were offered a snack.